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James Lowe’s work as a conductor has ranged over four continents including collaboration with orchestras in the UK and Europe, Japan and the USA. James is Chief Conductor of both the Prussian Chamber Orchestra, Germany, and the Vaasa Sinfonia, Finland. Passionately committed to the belief that classical music is for everyone, he balances his conducting schedule with his work to engage new audiences and a long-standing commitment to youth music.

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“Where I quite like to be”

I’ve been trying to work out exactly what it is I find so magnetic about Finland. For a start, it’s cold: My freezer is cold, humming away at -18c to keep my pizzas crispy. In one Helsinki winter I’ve stumbled out of Urkki’s [1] into -26c. That really hardens your ice cubes, I can tell you. It’s also dark. Helsinki in midwinter gets less than six hours of sunlight a day. Up in Rovaniemi and points north they get little or none during the winter months. The language is pretty much impenetrable: It glories in fifteen cases, a vocabulary based not on anything Indo-European but on Uralic, from the depths of the Ural Read more >